MCF CX 2023








This race is put on by the MCF board of directors and is the first annual cyclocross race at Cottage Grove Bike Park. All profits to go to Cottage Grove Bike Park to continue improving their park.

The Cottage Grove Bike Park has been an incredible community partner and we are working to develop a portion of the MCF CX race-day course as a permanent, open-to-the-public CX practice course.

Come out to support this joint venture!

This is an unsanctioned race. No racing license is required.

Registration opens Tuesday, October 24.

Race day


Course Map

The course features The Meadow and Backside sections, which are the makings of the permanent practice cyclocross course at the Cottage Grove Bike Park.


The start is a fast gravel path, with the first turn into a grassy area. We will not be using any of the bike park jumps (sorry to disappoint), but we will be incorporating one of the berms. Ride that as high as you would like. There is also run up past the wall ride. There will be one barrier on course. 


Day-of registration and number/chip pick-up is at the permanent pavillion at the bike park.



Race-day information

Helmets are required any time you are riding your bike at the venue.

Parking: Please park in the parking lot. DO not ride across the soccer field to get to the race. Please use the path or Meadow Grass Ave S.

Restrooms: Portable restrooms are available by the registration and finish line area.

Chip and Number Pickup: Pick up your chip and number (if you do not have a 2023 MCF cloth number) at the registration pavilion. Please proceed to the pre-registered line.

Day-of Registration: Registration is available on-site. Registration closes 15 minutes before the start of first race in your wave. Registration is payable by card or check. 

Numbers: Numbers should be pinned on the left back side of your jersey as shown below. Bring your 2023 MCF cloth number if you registered with it.

Course Inspection: The course is open for pre-ride between races. Please wait until the announcer says that the course is open. DO NOT go on course while a race is active. The course is open for pre-ride in the morning until the first race starts at 9:30. It is also open between the conclusion of the FTW A race and 12:20 pm. 

Start Line: The start grid is located on grassy area west of Meadow Grass Ave. Please be ready at the start area 5 minutes before the start of your race. 

Call ups/Staging: Pre-registered racers will receive a call-up to the start grid, in descending rank based on your Cross Results ranking. If you do not currently have a Cross Results ranking or are new to cyclocross, you will be called up in randomized order after those with Cross Results rankings. Day-of registrants will be called up last as a group.

Starts: If a race field has less than 10 racers at the start of the race, you will be asked as a field if you would like to combine your start with another field in your wave. You will still be scored separately and have separate podiums. 

Officials Announcement: The race official will provide important race rules and safety information at the start. 

Race Duration: Race length is determined by laps, which will be calculated by the officials after the first two laps. A lap counter will be displayed at the finish line and will count down the remaining laps in your race. You will hear a bell when you are crossing the finish with one lap to go. This means that you have one full lap left in your race, and the next time you cross the finish line will be the end of your race. 

Officials Tent: The officials tent will be at the finish line, if you have race rules questions. If you decide to drop out of the race, please let them know.  

Mechanical Support: The Freewheel bike shop van will be by the wall ride run up. If you need mechanical support before or during the race, they are available to help you. If you have a mechanical during the race, you may cut the course to the pit if you can do so safely without impeding the race. Do not go backwards inside the course.

Results: Results will be posted on the timing van by the finish after your race. The announcer will inform you when they are posted. There will be at least a 15 minute period where racers may review the results and dispute any scoring errors with the officials. Results will be posted online within 24 hours at

Podiums: Will take place by the MCF tent after the results have been posted for at least 15 minutes. The announcer will ask for the top 3 finishers of every race to come to the podium area. If you hear your name, please make your way to the podium. 

Chip Drop Off: Remember to drop your timing chip in the blue buckets before you leave the venue. 


Cottage Grove Bike Park

7050 Meadow Grass Ave S Cottage Grove, MN 55016

The 2.4-acre bike park includes a pump track, dirt jumps, a mountain bike skills area and a four-cross (mountain cross) track. A tot track and slope style course are in the master plan, but not currently built. Once complete it will be the largest park (to-date) in Minnesota.

The bike park is completely built for and maintained by volunteers.